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by Ed Belyk 2008
Dave Morgan's Cottage
"In photography, as in life, be true to your minds eye"
by Armando Janik 2008
Peter Island, BVI

So I'm a bit of a philosopher. It reflects what I try to do with photography. I try to capture the image of what I see, as I see it. I don't attempt to turn it into a picture of something else using tools like Photoshop. By extension, in life I try to (not always successfully) follow the 'Golden Rule' that is one of the precepts of the Charter for Compassion. The Golden Rule exists in all major religions and philosophies so forms a good corner stone for bringing people together.

I share my love of diving with my wife Brenda seen here in another picture taken by Armando during our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Favourite Pictures

This picture was taken on a workshop in Algonquin Park in June of 2008. We were fortunate to have warm days and cool nights that create the mist in the pre-dawn morning. 

Spruce Bog, Hwy 60, Algonquin Park
Nikon D50, 55-200 mm lens ; 1/60 sec ; f/20 ; ISO 200 ; 145mm

This picture was taken on our 25th Wedding Anniversary and is the view we had the baloney of our room at the resort. Peter Island Resort is in the British Virgin Islands is also where we got certified for open water scuba.

 Peter Island
Nikon D50, 55-200 mm lens ; 1/250 sec ; f/13 ; ISO 400 ; 200mm

My Photography Clubs

I am a member of the Richmond Hill Camera Club.

My Photography Web Pages

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Diving Trips

Cayman 2011

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Cathy Church

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Marine Life

Curacao 2015

My Shares

I presented 'Underwater Photography - What I've Learned So Far' to the Stouffville Camera Club,  in January 2013. You can find the slides here and a download of the notes here.

Photography Workshops and Photographers I Recommend

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